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UBER Drivers in Vietnam to Pay Tax

Uber taxi has been present in HCMC since July 2014, but the issues related to the tax payment and business conditions of the type of business remain unclear.

According to Nguyen Quang Tien from GDT, the individuals who joined Uber taxi belong to registered cooperatives or businesses. Uber will periodically release a report about the individuals who provide services and their incomes, so that businesses and cooperatives can calculate tax.

However, Tien said many individuals providing Uber taxi do not belong to institutions  and they operate without licenses to avoid tax.

GDT has released a document on tax obligations and tax payment procedures.

Tien went on to say that the taxation body has checked incomes via banks and has made a proposal on this issue to the Ministry of Finance.

Regarding Coca-Cola, the drink manufacturer has angered the public because of suspected tax evasion.

Thinh said other countries still can collect tax from Coca-Cola.

“They tax on Coca-Cola’s revenue instead of profit,” he said.

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