Hail, Yes ! See Jane Go on Ride-Sharing for Women Only

A ride-sharing service app called See Jane Go for women drivers and passengers launched recently in southern California. See Jane Go has started operating in Orange County, California but plans aggressive nationwide expansion, according to Tech Crunch.

See Jane Go meets the demand for women-only ride-sharing which was highlighted in informal surveys. As Tech Crunch noted, “…I found that women are uncomfortable as both drivers and riders using the bigger ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. The idea of picking up or riding with a random guy seems less than safe to a lot of women.”

A Digital Trends writer wrote, “I put the question to social media and, to my surprise, got a unanimous response: yes, if there were a women-only ridesharing service, every woman who answered my question would use it.”

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If men are with women who hail See Jane Go rides, the men can ride as long as the women riders “vouch for him and are responsible that he maintains the Jane Code of Conduct (details coming soon)….

See Jane Go was founded by a man — a father William Jordan who is concerned about the safety of his daughter Savannah to provide a safer alternative for women to ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

In most cases, ride-sharing or hailing occur without incident, See Jane Go’s CEO Kimberly Toonen shared that among the incidents that do happen in ride-sharing vehicles, 97 percent of assaults are by men.

As for the women drivers in the ride-sharing market which makes up 25% of the drivers, very likely to switch to driving for  See Jane Go so that they do not expose themselves to the existing ‘occupational hazards’.

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See Jane Go’s women only platform plans to expand across the country and soon — look out world — here comes Jane!

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