Malaysia Aims to Have 100,000 Electric Cars on the Road by 2020

According to an interview report by Channel NewsAsia  with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation’s chief executive officer Ahmad Hadri Haris, the Malaysian government is in partnership with Tesla Motors to supply Tesla Electric Vehicles to Malaysian government linked agencies. This is a one-off understanding between Green Tech Malaysia and Tesla Motors to supply 100 units of Model S in Malaysia, which was made possible when the Prime Minister of Malaysia visited the Tesla factory back in February.

Malaysia aims to have 100,000 electric cars on the road by 2020. In order to make that happen, it plans to deploy 25,000 public charging stations nationwide. The top priority for Green Tech Malaysia is to Import the 100 units of Tesla Model S to raise public awareness of electric vehicle.

In terms of Aftersales support, Tesla will be providing a comprehensive warranty structure of up to eight years’ unlimited warranty for the motors and batteries and four years for the vehicles. New software updates will be done over the air. Tesla will be supporting Green Tech Malaysia from Hong Kong, where it has one of its largest service centres in the region. 

This year and next year alone, Green Tech Malaysia will have 300 charging stations. The goal is to have 25,000 public charging stations over the next five years- in addition to the 100,000 charging stations that are going to be at electric car owners home or office.* Interview with Green Tech Malaysia MD

Malaysia Aims to Have 100000 Electric Cars 100000 electric bikes 2000 electric bus 125000 electric charging stations on the Road by 2020

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Update: Petronas Allocates RM2.2 Million for ChargEV Points

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili said to-date, there were 1,200 electric buses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

“Although the number is small, the government is confident with a conductive policy in place coupled with technological advancement, the electric vehicle industry would be able to assist the development of electric vehicles in Malaysia in future,” he added.

Ongkili said the government has targeted to set up 25,000 charging points, nationwide, by 2030.

Right now, there are 155 ChargEV points and this number would be increased to 300 by year-end.