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Carmaker Announced Car-sharing Service for its Employees at Smart City Expo Congress

SEAT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group showcase its vision of shared, connected and future mobility services during The Smart City Expo World Congress held in Barcelona.

SEAT’s shared and connected mobility services take a step forward with the SEAT Connected Sharing project, as in 2017 the carmaker will launch a car-sharing service pilot project for its more than 14,000 employees. This project will integrate various transportation solutions based on carsharing and shared transportation. In this sense, SEAT Connected Sharing will make the corporate vehicle fleet available when not being used, in addition to enabling car owners to exchange their vehicles or share them when commuting.
In addition, at this year’s edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress, which is being held in Barcelona, SEAT has also presented the Digital Sharing app, which has been developed for sharing economy environments, or peer-to-peer sharing. The app works as a digital key that enables carsharing in private and corporate environments.
The goal of both projects is to make headway in the development of solutions that make carsharing easy. “The evolution of this kind of technology fosters the concept of Easy mobility that we are working on to provide users and drivers with the easiest solutions imaginable, beginning with SEAT’s own employees. Incorporating the scope of carsharing and the possibilities afforded by the sharing economy is a natural evolution of our activity and it aligns with the digital transformation process that we are undergoing” says SEAT’s Digital Officer Fabian Simmer.
These projects are joined by all the other technological innovations presented by SEAT at this edition of the Smart City Expo, such as the Ateca Smart City Car and the Parkfinder app, a pioneering project that makes it easy to find available parking, or new seamless payment options, all designed to make progress towards the concept of easier mobility being fostered by the company, whose stand provides visitors with connected and integrated mobility experiences featured in three displays – the Digital Sharing vision, the urban experience provided by the Ateca and the iCity collaboration platform, which partners SEAT with the Barcelona Council Cellnex Telecom.

At the Smart City Congress SEAT also presented the BCN Smart Shuttle concept, developed by the CARNET urban mobility research and innovation hub. The goal of BCN Smart Shuttle is to offer a flexible mobility service adapted in real time to the urban environment and user transportation needs. Explaining the initiative, SEAT head of Innovation Christoph Wäller said “We want in-depth knowledge of user demands in their urban commutes in order to develop  highy efficient tripsharing mobility  solutions. A key success factor for this kind of service is the intelligence of the vehicle routing, matching the trip demands of different users in the smartest way. Therefore we are working on a new algorithm, the Mobility Formula, which we are constantly testing and improving using our new digital development tool, the CARNET virtual mobility lab”.

Source: SEAT Media

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