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New Online Delivery App to meet Filipinos Rising Logistics Demands

Lalamove, a Hong Kong based startup offering on-demand logistics in China and across Asia established its presence in the Philippines early November. Offering Philippines businesses, enterprises and e-commerce startups a consumer-facing app,  Lalamove’s “Uber For Logistics” model comes into play via independent “transporters” or “drivers” on the road to provide cost-effective door-to-door package delivery in an hour, thanks to the rising ride-sharing economy in the Philippines.

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Press Release:

Lalamove and the Philippines’ ride-sharing economy

Ride-sharing economy is nothing new to the Philippines, with many transport service providers utilized everyday by Filipinos, one can not deny that Filipinos are getting more and more mobile — both literally and figuratively. Lalamove taps on the wave of ride sharing economy by using drivers which are already on the road to provide end-to-end logistics services to its clients for as quick as an hour. By not deploying additional riders or drivers on the road, Lalamove efficiently enables end-to-end logistical fulfillment while helping decongest the already-critical traffic situation in the Philippines.

Growing MSMEs through ride-sharing economy

With Lalamove tapping into the existing ride-sharing economy in the Philippines to provide logistic services, this enables MSMEs to religiously keep up with their customer’s demands in a smarter and more cost-efficient way. Lalamove’s business model also enables both single and multiple drop-offs, giving additional ease to business owners to avoid having to make multiple bookings per delivery.

By leapfrogging overhead costs from owning a vehicle and hiring a driver –  Lalamove is able to offer its services at a much lower cost for MSMEs and SMEs alike.

Everybody wins with Lalamove

Lalamove’s business model does not only benefit customers and businesses, as well as alleviate traffic situation in the Philippines, it also poses additional opportunity for full-time and part-time drivers to earn as much as 3 times that of a driver’s regular income.

SOURCE Lalamove

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