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oBike Launches the First On-Demand Dockless Bike Sharing in Malaysia

oBike Launches the First On-Demand Dockless Bike Sharing in Malaysia

The idea behind Car-Lite Urban Mobility is to reduce car usage in urban areas by using alternative mode of transportation, which is sustainable, environmental friendly and economically efficient.

Singapore is one of the world’s leading countries in car-lite urban mobility. The country has set the stage for startups to introduce car-lite and green mobility services such as car-sharing, electric scooter sharing and bike-sharing for commuters in an effort to reduce traffic congestion.

One of these car-lite green startups is oBike. Launched in January, the startup has distributed tens of thousands of bikes in Singapore and has several tens of thousands of riders using the app.

oBike in Malaysia

Now oBike is looking beyond Singapore’s shores to expand its bike-sharing services. Two days ago oBike announced it has launched the first dockless smart bike share system in Malaysia.

oBike is positioning itself as an option for short distances that is “a more intelligent, convenient, and greener solution for both inter and intra city movement”.

“We developed oBike to provide a sustainable, convenient short-distance transportation solution that will save people time and energy while avoiding traffic jams in Klang Valley,” said Ng Yong Ching, Business Launcher of oBike.

“By having more people switch over to oBikes, we’ll be effectively contributing to the development of a car-lite and environmentally-conscious city.”

Dockless Bike Share

So, what is dockless bikes? The term dockless, stationless or free-floating bikes means that the bikes don’t have to be returned at a docking station. This saves the users the hassle of having to find an available docking station, unlike conventional bike-sharing systems. This is made possible thanks to a smart-lock solution that unlock with your smartphone and can be tracked with a GPS.

How it Works

  1. Download oBike App on App Store or Google Play.
  2. Launch oBike App to search for free bikes around the city.
  3. Unlock the bike using the App’s QR code scanner.
  4. When done, park the bike in a parking area designated for bikes.
  5. Lock the bike manually.


Locate an OBike

Currently, oBike’s bike-sharing service is available in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

In case you need help finding hotspots for the bikes, you may contact oBike Malaysia’s Facebook page.





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