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Gogoro 2 Electric Smartscooter Sets the Benchmark for Personal Urban Mobility

Gogoro 2 Electric Smartscooter Sets the Benchmark for Personal Urban Mobility

Gogoro®, a technology leader transforming how innovation is bridging sustainable energy and urban mobility, today announced the introduction of the Gogoro 2 Smartscooter™. The Gogoro 2 combines the sophistication and innovation of the Gogoro 1 in a new platform that is created for a broader and more diverse audience.


Gogoro 2 Smartscooter

Gogoro 2 integrates the performance and innovation of the original award winning Gogoro 1 Smartscooter while introducing new levels of security, storage, seat space and personalization options. The Gogoro 2 delivers more comfort that enables customers to easily ride with a friend, store two helmets and have more control while riding. The core customer design principles for Gogoro 2 were to be more: practical, versatile and smart.

Powerful – Like the original Gogoro 1 Smartscooter, the new 6.4 kilowatt G2 motor in the Gogoro 2 is innovative and power-packed and redefines what is possible with a high-performance electric powertrain on a scooter. Gogoro 2 can reach a top-speed of 90km/hr and has a range of 110km. Together with the new digital drivetrain system, the Gogoro 2 delivers even smoother torque and continues Gogoro’s DNA for speed, acceleration and control.

Comfortable – Gogoro 2 introduces a new riding experience with updated rider geometry including a 1,306mm wheel base that enables more seating space and storage while providing a more comfortable ride.

Easily Maintained – The Gogoro 2 was designed from the ground up for quick and easy maintenance and it utilizes familiar and readily available parts for convenient service with more scooter technicians everywhere.



Smart – Intuitive and Aware

Gogoro Smartscooters are smart. The Gogoro 2 continues Gogoro’s focus on innovation, connectivity and intelligence with a new level of sophistication that sets it apart from other scooters. The Gogoro 2 includes new LED lighting, Gogoro mobile app 2.0, increased security protection with support for TouchID and other biometric security, updated diagnostics, onboard software updating and more.


“The new Gogoro 2 Smartscooter enables a broader audience to embrace Gogoro’s vision for urban transportation and continues Gogoro’s commitment to innovation, performance and smart connectivity while integrating practical new features like improved ergonomics, greater storage capacity, seating space and an even more customizable ride,” said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro. “Gogoro was inspired by the idea that individuals and communities can have direct impact on their cities when given practical and sustainable choices for personal transportation and energy usage. The Gogoro Smartscooters and Gogoro Energy Network have become a catalyst for smarter, cleaner and more efficient urban transportation in Taiwan, Germany and beyond.”


“Gogoro’s riding experience and performance set it apart with both the original Smartscooter and with the new Gogoro 2,” said Mat Schubert, CEO of COUP Mobility GmbH.


Price Tag

Gogoro 2 comes in two models: Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus that introduce aggressive new pricing for customers that can begin as low as TWD$38,800 (USD$1,295) including all Taiwan government subsidies.

The Gogoro 2 is scheduled to be available on July in Taiwan with preorders beginning today at



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