IDTechEx Research Releases New Report on Last Mile Delivery Electric Vehicles

IDTechEx Research Releases New Report on Last Mile Delivery Electric Vehicles DHL ElectricScooter Electric Van logistics robot drone delivery

The last mile EV market will reach over $792 billion by 2028

BOSTON, PRNewswire/ — The new IDTechEx Research report was released on July 19, Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028 concerns goods and people reaching final destination such as down the pathway past the guard dog or riding from the train station. Currently costing up to 55% of shipment costs, today’s expensive methods tend to be dangerous, polluting or slow. Solving this “last mile problem” is key to Amazon’s objective of grabbing Wal-Mart’s business and other battles of the titans.


EV – a Trillion Dollar Business

This brand new report analyses how the trillion dollar EV business will assist. See appraisal and opportunities in easily understood infograms and statistics such as the vulnerable $726bn+ trucking revenues, more than Google, Amazon and Walmart combined. It gives ten year number, unit value and market value forecasts for the 16 relevant EV categories and background statistics.

All options for last mile delivery of people and things are appraised, from drones to Domino Pizza sidewalk robots and taxi/bus robots planned by Tesla and most of the trillion dollar automotive industry. Learn how electric vehicles best leverage autonomy and the courier business will be transformed.

The report exposes definitions, challenges and options and package and person delivery modes emerging, the emphasis being on comparing alternatives, identifying best investments and forecasting.


Disrupting the Last Mile Delivery

IDTechEx brings the subject alive by looking at case studies of last mile delivery of goods. Here we are tackling such problems as emergency supplies not getting through and fresh food delivery being considered inadequate by customers and unprofitable for suppliers. How do we deal with traffic congestion and pollution worsening in cities, aggravated by burgeoning delivery vehicles for internet shopping? How is Amazon stealing market share using last mile and taking on Wal-Mart? Learn about the Amazon drone hive and how courier company Deutsche Post DHL is even making last mile EVs for the open market, not just using them alongside its innovative drone stations. What is the first commercial driverless delivery vehicle for things and people? How does Tesco, the largest UK supermarket chain newly offer one hour delivery by EV?


The Report

Last Mile Electric Vehicles 2018-2028 answers all these questions and more and is the only comprehensive appraisal and prediction based on multi-lingual PhD level analysts continuously travelling worldwide, web searches, IDTechEx databases, interviews, benchmarking and more.

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