oBike is Franchising its Bike-sharing Platform to Local Businesses

oBike is Franchising its Bike-sharing Platform to Local Businesses bike rental by hour personal sustainable urban mobility

Leveraging on Local Business Expertise for its on-ground operations Through oBike’s Global Business Partnership Programme

oBike, Singapore’s first homegrown smart dock-less bike sharing operator, announced today the launch of its Global Business Partnership Programme (GBPP) ─ a first of its kind ─ to partner local businesses for its on-ground operations and provisioning of oBike resources.

GBPP is a franchise business model that aims to harness the expertise and resources of local businesses to better manage oBike operations in specific geographic areas within a city. This will be achieved through timely distribution, on-demand activation and upkeeping of the bikes, to enhance its service to riders.

oBike has seen tremendous growth of its operations since its inception 12 months ago, and now operates in over 60 cities across 17 countries. Drawing on invaluable lessons throughout its expansion, oBike is introducing an alternative and more localized business model to manage and streamline its large scale operations. The approach of GBPP is to decentralise operations into hubs that can be managed more efficiently by the local partners.

Through GBBP, oBike strives to boost business and employment benefits in the local communities that it operates in, via a revenue-sharing model, which will ultimately translate into an enhanced user experience.

 oBike strongly believes that the best way is in operating within the cultural norms of each market and community, whilst leveraging on the intelligence of its Global Service Platform.

oBike’s technology-driven bike sharing service provides users around the world with a solution for short to medium distance transportation. oBike believes that its dock-less solution drives mobility and is in line with governments’ smart city ambitions, and promotes a greener and healthier mode of transport for urbanites across the globe.  

oBike welcomes and is keen to partner local businesses or budding entrepreneurs who believe in oBike’s vision and would like to take on this sustainable journey along with oBike. Please sign up here for the Global Business Partnership Programme (GBPP).


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