AEV Technologies Unveils New Electric Vehicle Lineup At CES 2018

AEV Technologies Unveils New Electric Vehicle Lineup At CES 2018 EV car 2 seat pickup 4wd sustainable urban mobility

New AEV Product Line Includes Electric 2-seater Commuter 311, Panel Truck 411, and 4×4 511

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AEV Technologies, Inc.(, designer and manufacturer of compact, emissions-free vehicles for urban commercial and consumer markets, unveils their new assembeled in the U.S.A., all-electric vehicle lineup at the world’s largest consumer electronics expo, CES Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2018 in Booth 7529 (North Hall/Las Vegas Convention Center).

Based in the burgeoning Texas technology corridor of Austin, TX, AEV Technologies specializes in rugged, adaptable, and sustainable Commercial and Consumer Light Electric Vehicles.

Prior to the official new products launch in April 2018, CES visitors to the AEV Technologies booth will be able to see the remarkable 100% electric AEV vehicle lineup, including the “311”—a visually striking three-wheeled, two-seater built to address community, campus, and cross-town travel, the “411”—a compact and stout urban services truck, and the “511”—a beefy four-wheel drive built to handle on- or off-road applications with ease and performance.  Pre-orders for the forthcoming 311 and 511 will be taken at this year’s CES show in advance of their April debut.

“We are excited that our launch of the revolutionary all-electric 311 is kicking off with our new partnership with Mama Fu’s who see the 311 as an excellent platform for their Urban delivery needs,” said Rod Keller, AEV Technologies C.E.O. “Mama Fu’s looks to maximize their services utilizing our proprietary AEV Productivity Suite standard in every 311 vehicle. The ‘Productivity Suite’ will enable Mama Fu’s to capitalize on route maximization and resources management using AEV embedded GPS location, geo fencing, and delivery cycle time apps and tools.”

In addition we kicked off the launch with an order of 1100 vehicles for last mile delivery. This is a testament to the vision we have for cost-effective, zero emissions solutions suited to fulfill the needs for both commercial and consumer applications.

AEV Technologies Vehicles Highlights:


The Commuter-focused all-electric vehicle for Campus, Community, and Cross-town travel
*Top speed = 50+ mph (80+ k/ph)
*Range = Up to 50 miles (80 km)
*Up to 25% grade climb
*Backup Camera standard
*AEV Productivity Suite standard
(AEV 311 Spec Sheet)

AEV Technologies Unveils New Electric Vehicle Lineup At CES 2018 311 2 seat electric car vehicle EV


The compact all-electric Utility vehicle for Urban logistics and services
*Range = Up to 50 miles (80+ km)
*Payload Capacity = Up to 1,100 pounds (498 kg)
*Up to 22% grade climb
*Backup Camera standard
*AEV Productivity Suite standard
(AEV 411 Spec Sheet)

AEV Technologies Unveils New Electric Vehicle Lineup At CES 2018 411 electric truck EV pickup


The 4WD all-electric vehicle for superior performance in any environment
*Range = Up to 60 miles (96 km)
*Payload Capacity = Up to 1,870 pounds (848 kg)
*Up to 28% grade climb
*Clearance = Up to 13 inches (33 cm)
*Front Electric Winch standard
*AEV Productivity Suite standard
(AEV 511 Spec Sheet)

AEV Technologies Unveils New Electric Vehicle Lineup At CES 2018 511 4wd truck EV

AEV Technologies is a strategic partner with the Circuit of Americas (COTA)—a state-of-the-art 1,500 acre track and entertainment complex located outside Austin, TX. COTA is the only purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the United States designed for all classes of racing, including Formula 1.

About AEV Technologies, Inc.:

AEV Technologies, Inc., (, designs and delivers compact, emissions-free vehicles for use within urban and short-haul markets. Capable of accommodating a broad range of commercial and consumer requirements, AEV Technologies’ vehicles are the emerging leaders of safe, affordable, efficient and sustainable logistical transportation.  AEV Technologies was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs, investors, and executives with a passion to create sustainable urban electric solutions for Campus Management, Last Mile Delivery, Urban Commuting, and Closed Campus Transport. Discover more about AEV Technologies at: or by calling (512) 994-4917.

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