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Tech Startup Tapping into Ride-sharing Advertising Space

RidePlay TV Tech Company Tapping into Ride-sharing ride-hailing Advertising Space Uber Lyft

Ride-sharing tech firm promises a nationwide play for the right investor A group of San Diego tech entrepreneurs believe with the right partner, their platform will be able to quickly monetise the ride-sharing advertising space.   The Back Seat Advertisement With proven technology, and beta program complete, RIDEPLAY tv is now servicing advertisers and paying ride-sharing drivers by the mile.  The fully functional platform is equipped

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Rio Olympics: People Sharing News & Results on Social Media

Out of 81,000 consumer conversations, 46% involved people sharing news and results on Social Media. Commercial time during opening ceremony in Rio was down almost 19% from 2012 London Olympics. Viewership was down 35%. So much for all the complaining about commercial overload during the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Surprise: The number of advertisements was actually down from

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