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App-based E-Rickshaws as First Mile, Last Mile Transport Provider

Gurgaon: In a move aimed at offering safe last-mile connectivity to commuters, particularly women, MCG is planning to launch 1,000 app-based e-rickshaws in the city. The service is being launched by Smart-E, which is already operating e-rickshaws in Delhi. It will charge fares in two categories — sharing and individual bookings. The fare for a shared ride will be Rs

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Use App to Summon Your Shopping Cart at Walmart

Self-driving shopping carts may eventually show up at a Walmart near you. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Walmart a patent for shopping facility assistance systems, devices, and methods, according to CNN Money. The patent details how the facility assistance systems could be implemented. The shopping carts would work with detachable motors, which would be equipped with multiple sensors and

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