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Tesla Introduce InsureMyTesla

InsureMyTesla plan unique features. If a totaled vehicle is less than 36 months old, insured owners would get a new vehicle of the same model and series. Tesla Home Wall connector damage is covered. Owners can choose any authorized Tesla repair facility for fix damaged vehicles. The car is also insured for any driver. Tesla has now entered the car

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Australia’s Last Mile Optimiser App for E-Commerce Retailers

Brad Lorge is the co-founder of Premonition, a logistics optimisation firm helping online retailers and shipping companies meet heightened consumer expectations and develop more sustainable supply chains. Premonition’s technology can optimise large job sets, rerouting multiple vehicles in real-time based on a plethora of factors: changed traffic conditions, weather, delivery windows, incoming orders and returns, truck capacity, a driver’s final destination

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AAA to Run Real-World Emissions Tests

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) will be running on-road emissions testing to see if manufacturers’ emissions figures are not “misleading” claims. The Australian government does not conduct tests on car manufacturers to ensure emissions compliance and regulation, AAA decided to conduct on-road emissions testing amid concerns raised by consumer rights and environmental groups. The on-road emissions tests will cost around $500,000. AAA will

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Ford & Carhood Car-Sharing Service Launch Airport Scheme

Ford Australia is joining airport-parking and car-sharing service Carhood to help customers turn airport parking fees into a profit. Ford becomes the exclusive automotive partner to Carhood, which provides free parking and a share of the profits if the vehicles are hired to other customers at airports in three major cities. Participants also get complementary curbside chauffeur service and a car wash.

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VW’s Tried-and-Tested Tactics to Avoid Paying Compensation

This strategy is simple: highlight the unique characteristics of the most demanding markets, and exploit the weaknesses of institutions elsewhere in a bid to diminish or avoid restitution. Volkswagen has resisted increasingly vociferous demands for restitution in other parts of the world, insisting that financial compensation will be reserved for customers in the US and Canada. The company maintains that

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