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Kecekapan Anywheel dalam Perkara Keselamatan Menjadi Peneraju Sistem Mobiliti di MALAYSIA

Anywheel Malaysia USM students rides electric scooter with safety briefing conducted at SPICE Convention Centre Penang university students low carbon campus sustainable urban mobility

Apabila berbicara soal keselamatan, pastinya tajuk ini ke arah pelbagai cabang. Sesungguhnya, ramai manusia peka dengan isu-isu keselamatan, tetapi adakah mereka menyedari bahawa penggunaan pengangkutan awam juga tertakluk pada perkara keselamatan?  Selama bertahun-tahun, kedudukan sosio-ekonomi di Malaysia telah berganjak secara dramatik, maka kemudahan pengaksesan terhadap pengangkutan menjadi prinsip utama demi mengubah tahap mobiliti sosial. Pengangkutan mampu memudahkan perjalanan harian seperti

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Interview: Can Micro Mobility Sharing Work in Malaysia?

Active Mobility or Micro Mobility - Get people to be active moving from point A to Point B

Since my appointment as the Head of Expansion and Partnership for Anywheel in 2019, I have been engaging with the local authorities in Malaysia and Thailand to explore opportunities to provide shared services for bicycles and electric scooters in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. After 2 successful city launch in Penang and Chiang Mai.  I had the opportunity to share my

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Bicycle-sharing System Provider Itjuzi.com Announces the Entry into the Beijing Market

The first Shared Bicycle with a mobile phone Charger ZHUHAI, China, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing, the birthplace of the bicycle sharing scheme, is about to introduce a new player into the marketplace. On February 22nd, the latest entrant in the sector — itjuzi.com — announced the launch of a collaborative effort with leading Chinese smart hardware manufacturer Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd consisting

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PSA Group Launches the Mother of All Car-Sharing App Free2Move

With car companies jumping on the On-demand car-sharing services platform and the sprouting of mobility-sharing services startups, we are spoilt for choice. The frustration comes when we are trying to book a ride or car on our favourite car-sharing app and there’s no car available. Naturally, when we could not find a car on our favourite app , we will open our second

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