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Čezeta Motors Introduces Limited Edition Luxury Electric Scooter

Rarer than a Rolls-Royce, up to 600 Type 506s electric scooter will be hand-built to order to customer specifications at the Čezeta Motors facility in Prostějov, eastern Czech Republic in 2017. Each of the 506s electric scooter will be marked to celebrate the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the first Čezeta, the Type 501.   In Czechoslovakia between 1957 and 1964,

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Cezeta 506, the New Retro Electric Scooter

Cezeta’s brand had done a first apparition in the 50’s by commercializing three models of scooters with a unique design, which created a cult of followers. The particularity of this brand-specific design is related to the position of the fuel tank, placed on top of the front wheel, an innovative and practical solution that helped to make room for a

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