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300-mile range VW Golf IN 2025

That’s a long wait – By 2025, 300-mile range will be the entry level for electric cars, but Volkswagen  a relative newcomer in electrification  field pronounce this as “stretching” the goals for electric vehicles. It has long been a champion of “clean diesel” vehicles. But since the company was found to have falsified emissions data to regulators in the U.S., Europe and

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Of Electric Cars, Space Flights & Mass Transit…

What has been Elon Musk’s greatest innovation? Commercializing space flight? No. Popularizing electric vehicles? No – he’s got a lot of competition there, too. Revolutionizing mass transit? –That has drawn some attention. It is none of these. The breakthrough Musk has initiated that will not stop, and stands on par with his well-publicized, easy-to-marvel-at public ventures, is so vast that most

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BMW Offers Electric-Car Charging Subscription & Pay-As-You-Go Plan

BMW has announced that it will expand its ChargeNow program for drivers of the i3 electric hatchback and i8 plug-in hybrid sport coupe to into 25 markets, in partnership with the EVgo network. The expanded ChargeNow by EVgo program is offered to all BMW i and “iPerformance” plug-in hybrid drivers, but it is not free. BMW is offering “introductory pricing”

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