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Ford Is Steering towards Autonomous Car Sharing & Ride Hailing Services in 5 Years

Ford aims to do more than make and sell cars. The next 5 years plan to tap into the $5.4 trillion market for car-sharing services and ride-hailing services with Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles that are unrelated to conventional car ownership. Ford plans to make self-driving cars for commercial ride-sharing or on-demand taxi services by 2021, a target the automaker says it will reach

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Mahindra Plans to Pioneer Autonomous Tractors

Autonomous Tractors will change the future of food production. Mahindra, as the largest tractor producer in the world, intends to play a pioneering role. NEW DELHI: Mahindra & Mahindra plans to play a “pioneering role” in autonomous vehicles, but the efforts will be led through tractors, chairman Anand Mahindra has said. “Tractors that operate autonomously could change the future of food

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