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Automakers ‘not even trying’ to Sell Electric Cars

While the federal government and California Air Resources Board (CARB) are evaluating auto-industry proposals to relax emissions standards, one Tesla executive advocates stricter rules to force automakers to sell more electric cars. Established automakers are ignoring the potential of electric cars, Diarmuid O’Connell—Tesla’s vice president of business development—told Forbes and other media at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing

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EPA Approves Sales of 2017 BMW Diesel Vehicles

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday it has approved the sale of new 2017 model year BMW AG diesel vehicles in the United States after a thorough review. Chris Grundler, head of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, told reporters on the sidelines of an automotive conference the agency granted certification to BMW on Friday. Grundler

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