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Urban Developers Making Full Use of Space by Removing Parking lots

Bad news for car owners: Developers in more U.S. cities are reducing the amount of parking spaces included in new projects as local authorities seek to encourage the use of mass transit and free up space for parks, housing or other uses. In San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, architecture and development company Jonathan Segal FAIA ruffled feathers of nearby residents

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Intelligent Parking & Garage Lots for Self Driving Cars

With the advent of autonomous car technology expected to radically reshape our commutes and roadways,  planners and architects believe the future of parking lots will be much more interesting. New self-parking systems mean more space and more adaptive structures. Outside of Nashville, Tennessee, an office-park and mixed-use under development called Brentwood will have subterranean facilities that takes advantage of forthcoming technologies to repurpose valuable

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