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Thomas Edison’s Goliath Goes After Tesla

When you think about Tesla’s competitors, you probably think of car companies like Ford or General Motors, or tech giants entering the automotive space, like Apple’s not-quite-a-secret project Titan. You probably don’t think of industrial stalwart General Electric. GE has just taken a stake in Germany’s sonnen, a company that is not only a Tesla competitor, but is leading Tesla in

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Of Electric Cars, Space Flights & Mass Transit…

What has been Elon Musk’s greatest innovation? Commercializing space flight? No. Popularizing electric vehicles? No – he’s got a lot of competition there, too. Revolutionizing mass transit? –That has drawn some attention. It is none of these. The breakthrough Musk has initiated that will not stop, and stands on par with his well-publicized, easy-to-marvel-at public ventures, is so vast that most

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Elon Musk’s Master Plan #2

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk published his “master plan part 2” on Wednesday night that disclosed a wide-ranging vision for his companies including new future Tesla vehicles, car sharing, urban planning concepts, and a combined SolarCity and Tesla that would sell solar panels and batteries. Musk’s goals and driving forces behind all of his business decisions, is to deliver “sustainable energy”

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