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Daimler Going Silicon Valley with New Aims

The Bloomberg reporter commented on Zetsche’s newfound Silicon Valley ‘tech-look’ — complete with jeans and sneakers. The “interesting” new comments mentioned above were made by Zetsche in an interview with Bloomberg. EV Annex provides more:  Zetsch  commented that, ‘We are seeing the digital world taking possession of the automotive world.’ Asked if Tesla is the key competitor in the luxury

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Malaysia Aims to Have 100,000 Electric Cars on the Road by 2020

According to an interview report by Channel NewsAsia  with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation’s chief executive officer Ahmad Hadri Haris, the Malaysian government is in partnership with Tesla Motors to supply Tesla Electric Vehicles to Malaysian government linked agencies. This is a one-off understanding between Green Tech Malaysia and Tesla Motors to supply 100 units of Model S in Malaysia, which was made possible

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