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ofo Launches Bike-Sharing Service in Malaysia

ofo launches dockless bike sharing services in Malacca Malaysia car-lite urban mobility

China-based dockless Bike-sharing services is now available in Malacca. MELAKA, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 03 August 2017 – The Chief Minister of Melaka, YAB Datuk Seri Ir. Idris Haron, announced today that ofo, the world’s leading bike-sharing company, has launched its service in the city of Melaka. With the plan to deploy 2,000 bikes in Melaka by the end of August, ofo seeks

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Self-Driving Scooter for the Elderly and Mobility Impaired

The quest to develop driverless vehicles that will transport people autonomously have led to interesting spin-off projects as researchers in Singapore developed a self-driving mobility scooter that drives pedestrians along narrow pathways. Who will benefit most from this driverless technology? The elderly and the mobility impaired. The one-seater four wheel scooter that weighs about 50 kg travels at a top speed of

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Malaysia Paves Way for Corporates to Start Ride-sharing Services

proton Iriz cash rebate uber ride hailing BR1M subsidy drive for Uber

The Malaysian government is providing a swathe of incentives to encourage more people to drive for ride-sharing services, effectively backing what remains, technically, an illegal activity by law. As the Malaysian prime minister tabled Budget 2017 in end-October, one thing became clear: ride-sharing is here to stay in the nation. The question now is whether big local corporates will take the government’s

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Town Decides to pay Uber instead of Building a Parking Lot

Pilot program is meant to test out ride-hailing as a solution to first mile / last mile challenge and parking problem at transit stations. Lately, Uber has been positioning itself as the ultimate solution to the eternal challenge of shuttling people between transit hubs and their homes, also known as the “last mile challenge.” To that end, the ride-hail giant

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Ride-Sharing Services for Hard-to-Serve Areas

The neediest and best-suited areas for what some call “microtransit” is seen to be in the suburbs, industrial areas, and other places where the population density is too low to support full-fledged service. A report going before the Toronto’s Transit Commission’s board on Wednesday recommends that the agency look into launching a pilot project of an “on-demand ride-sharing service concept” as

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Public Transit Systems-Uber Partnership Provides First Mile, Last Mile Services

Public transit agencies across the country are entering into partnerships with ride-sharing service Uber to supplement their first-mile, last-mile services. The partnerships range from direct subsidies for Uber riders heading to transit stops in the St. Petersburg, Fla., area to joint marketing in Philadelphia and North Carolina’s Research Triangle. The programs make sense for both groups because they both get

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Google Adds Transport Planning & Analytics Startup to Maps

Early this week, the transportation analytics startup Urban Engines announced that it will become part of Google Maps. Urban Engines is primarily focused on route analytics for urban planning, delivery, and commuting, using what it refers to as its “space/time engine” to simulate routes and scenarios and streamline urban transportation. Urban Engines’ flagship product is a transportation emulator that lets

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Ride-hailing is Becoming Public Transportation

When the Department of Transportation released a 30-year traffic report last year, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told BuzzFeed he thought public transportation would start “behaving more like Uber.” A year and a half later, public transit agencies across the country are not just behaving like Uber — they’re subsidizing it outright for their residents. Altamonte Springs, Florida, 10 miles

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