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LG Chem in Talks with Iranian Automaker to Supply Battery Cells

Iran Khodro Co., an automaker based in Tehran, is reportedly in discussions with LG Chem to provide battery cells for its upcoming plug-in electrified vehicles (PEVs). Iran Khodro’s CEO Hashem Yekke-Zare, says that “negotiations are underway” and that a deal may be struck as soon as this fall. Iran Khodro plans to produce 60,000 PEVs by 2023, and LG Chem

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VW May Pick China for first EV Battery Plant

China may be the first country where Volkswagen Group could invest billions in one or more plants to manufacture electric-vehicle batteries, a source close to senior management said, citing the Chinese government’s determined support for EVs. The German automaker anticipates it will sell 2 million to 3 million battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids a year at that point, after previously

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