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Geely’s London Taxi Company Opens New Plant to produce Electric Taxis

Geely London Taxi Company Opens New plant produce electric taxi

Geely’s London Taxi Company wants to lead the charge to sustainable urban mobility – and towards the end of this year will release the world’s first zero emission capable purpose-built taxi on to the streets of the UK and Europe. The London Taxi Company (LTC) today announced the official opening of the UK’s first car plant dedicated solely to the production of

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London City Iconic Back Cab to be Replaced by Chinese Hybrid-Electric

The iconic London TX4 taxi will finally meet its end in mid-2017 when it will be replaced by the brand new hybrid-electric TX5. In May, Geely has raised US$400 million through a ‘green’ bond issue to fund the development of the new hybrid-electric TX5 successor to the Black Cab. The London Taxi Company (LTC), the company that makes the TX4 and will make

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