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Singapore Sets the Stage for the World’s Largest Fintech Hub

SINGAPORE, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Marvelstone Group is set to launch the world’s largest Fintech Hub (over 30,000 sq ft) in early November. An independent not-for-profit initiative, its objectives are to: Help fintech startups prototype, develop and expand their business models overseas Support existing companies and financial institutions in their adoption of innovations Form public-private partnerships to further develop new

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IN the Land of $87,000 Corollas, Cars Got Pricier Again

Buyers in one of the world’s most expensive car markets just missed their chance to snag one at the cheapest price in five years. Car-ownership permit costs in Singapore have gained since February after ride-hailing companies obtained licenses for their fleets and the regulator eased rules on vehicle loans in May. The price of a permit, called a certificate of

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