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Hackers turn Tesla into a Mind Controlled Vehicle

A group of technologists equipped with a machine learning training program and an EEG headset turned brain activity into driving commands on a Tesla Model S 85D. The Tesla Model S rolled straight for a few feet from one empty spot in the parking garage to another, without a driver behind the wheel, though.  The “driver” sat in the passenger’s seat, donning an EEG

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Malaysia Aims to Have 100,000 Electric Cars on the Road by 2020

According to an interview report by Channel NewsAsia  with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation’s chief executive officer Ahmad Hadri Haris, the Malaysian government is in partnership with Tesla Motors to supply Tesla Electric Vehicles to Malaysian government linked agencies. This is a one-off understanding between Green Tech Malaysia and Tesla Motors to supply 100 units of Model S in Malaysia, which was made possible

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Singapore And Delphi To Launch Pilot Of Autonomous, On-Demand Car Service

The island city-state has all the ingredients to make it the ideal proving ground for this new approach to personal mobility. While local authorities will handle the necessary infrastructure, tier-one automotive supplier Delphi has been selected to lead the vehicle technology side of the pilot program that will run from 2017 through 2019. Delphi and the Singapore Land Transport Authority

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Mobileye Ends Partnership With Tesla

Mobileye NV said it would no longer provide its computer chips and algorithms to Tesla after a current contract ends due to disagreements about how the technology was deployed. Mobileye provides core technology for Tesla’s Autopilot system, which allows cars to drive themselves in limited conditions. It isn’t clear when Mobileye’s current contract with Tesla ends; a next generation Mobileye

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Tesla Unseats Porsche with Intuitive Technology

Tesla Motors’ Model S is the ideal luxury passenger vehicle, according to research and consulting firm AutoPacific, Inc. Tesla’s popularity points to a shift in concerns for today’s drivers and further cements its growing reputation among luxury consumers as they adapt environmental and technologically-minded values. The 2016 Ideal Vehicle Awards are based on responses from over 65,000 owners of 2015

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