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China Border City BAIC Gateway to Myanmar & ASEAN

Ruili is trying to attract high-tech manufacturing and processing firms, in an attempt to enhance its competitiveness as the US and Japan turn their eyes to the Southeast Asian region. Four industry parks involving logistics, bio-pharmaceuticals, equipment manufacturing and livestock processing will be established in the frontier city over the following months in partnership with companies including CITIC Group, Luo

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ASEAN Auto Tariff Expands Free Zone in 2018

Thailand-based OEMs are set to benefit from the expansion of an existing auto tariff-free zone to ASEAN members Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam in 2018. Thailand is a regional production and export hub for the world’s top automakers, including Japan’s Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Nissan, as well as U.S.-based General Motors, primarily Chevrolet, and Ford. According to global market-research firm IHS, Thai

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MYANMAR’s Automotive Market Faces Growing Pains

Liberalizing Myanmar’s potential market for new cars is significant, but growth currently is hampered by regulatory uncertainty. Although it has a population of 51 million, only 5,000 new cars were sold during the last financial year. Car imports effectively were banned under the military regime until September 2011. A half-million cars were imported during the previous quasi-civilian government’s 5-year tenure

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