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No License… LeEco has Yet to Obtain Permit to Produce Electric Cars In China

Last week LeEco announced a $3 billion investment to build an Auto theme Park & factory. But several state media, including ChinaDaily, expressed doubts whether LeEco had the required permissions to build a factory, let alone to build electric cars. These doubts have now been confirmed. LeEco does not have the required license of the Chinese government to manufacture electric cars. A spokesperson

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Jaguar Land Rover Confirms Slovak Plant

Jaguar Land Rover will go forward with plans to construct a new plant in Nitra, Slovakia, despite the Brexit vote that will result in the U.K. leaving the European Union. “I can say that we took (a possible) Brexit into consideration when we were considering the investment in Slovakia,” Alexander Wortberg, JLR’s operations director for the Slovak project, tells a

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