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Malaysia Backs Down on Tesla Deal

Malaysia Backs Down on 100 units Tesla Model S electric vehicle cancelled put on hold EV Geely Proton China

Here’s what (we think) we know   Less than 18 months after the Malaysian government announced that it wants to waive import duties on 100 Tesla electric cars in effort to promote electric vehicles (EVs), the project is now on hold, sources say. At last count, only 16 Teslas had been brought in by Greentech Malaysia thus far, people familiar

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Here’s Why Proton is Set To Join the Disruptive Drive

Why Proton is Set To Join the Disruptive Drive Uber ride hailing Geely Volvo electric self driving taxi

The Interview On May 9, Uber Malaysia’s general manager Leon Foong told business radio BFM that Uber and national carmaker Proton is discussing a potential partnership. While there are no further details available yet, there are several possibilities in the air.   Uber Proton Partnership The more likely scenario would be for a special sales arrangement between Proton and Uber. This

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Should BR1M Recipients Drive for Ride-Sharing Services?

Eligible Malaysians can now begin applying for the the 2017 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) programme. The application period, which began Dec 5th, runs until the 31st, according to the Finance Ministry. Successful applicants will see payouts made in stages beginning February 2017. With recipients set to receive a total of between RM450 and RM1,200 based on their income bracket, many will now

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Malaysia Paves Way for Corporates to Start Ride-sharing Services

proton Iriz cash rebate uber ride hailing BR1M subsidy drive for Uber

The Malaysian government is providing a swathe of incentives to encourage more people to drive for ride-sharing services, effectively backing what remains, technically, an illegal activity by law. As the Malaysian prime minister tabled Budget 2017 in end-October, one thing became clear: ride-sharing is here to stay in the nation. The question now is whether big local corporates will take the government’s

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DRB Shares Jump as Proton’s Stake Sale to Conclude by 1Q17

KUALA LUMPUR: The Edge had previously reported that French car manufacturers Group PSA and Renault SA have been in talks with Proton since the beginning of the year. Other automakers that are said to be in the running are Volkswagen, General Motors, Suzuki Motor Corp, and at least one Chinese automaker which is believed to be Geely. Media reports said DRB-Hicom

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Proton in Talks to Sell Equity Stake

The potential foreign partner is expected to be an automaker with a global brand. The sale is being undertaken, says an exclusive report in the Nikkei Asian Review, as part of its restructuring. Proton is losing money. Successful talks would mean the re-entry of foreign capital along with technology know-how for the first time since January 2005, when Mitsubishi Corp

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