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BYD All-Electric Sanitation Truck with 400km Range 8 Hrs Operations

The world’s first all-electric line of sanitation trucks was recently launched in Beijing by BYD Company and the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica. The launch event revealed that the partnership had created 26 models for this lineup. These electric sanitation trucks will replace around 45% of the Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group’s current diesel fleet

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Tesla Shares Rose As Musk Announce Longer Range Battery

Tesla Motors Inc. announced the P100D Battery Pack capable of going up to 315 miles/506km on a charge, 0 to 100km/h in 2.5 seconds. The company unveiled new versions of its Model S sedan and Model X sport-utility vehicle with 100 kilowatt-hour batteries; previously the largest battery size was 90 kwh. The upgrade—which Tesla executives said was made possible by increasing the energy

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TESLA’s Hong Kong sales multiplied in 2 years

Of the 4,899 electric-vehicle plates registered here as of April, over 80% are associated with the California-based company, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. The number has more than quadrupled from just 1,160 two years ago, when the company started delivering its Model S luxury sedans in the city. “Hong Kong meets a lot of the criteria,” said Steve Man, Bloomberg Intelligence’s

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