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Intelligent Parking & Garage Lots for Self Driving Cars

With the advent of autonomous car technology expected to radically reshape our commutes and roadways,  planners and architects believe the future of parking lots will be much more interesting. New self-parking systems mean more space and more adaptive structures. Outside of Nashville, Tennessee, an office-park and mixed-use under development called Brentwood will have subterranean facilities that takes advantage of forthcoming technologies to repurpose valuable

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Daimler’s Blacklane is Expanding Globally

The German car-booking service Blacklane has raised its largest-yet financing round, in an eight-figure Series C round. What’s particularly interesting about this round is that it was led by existing investor Daimler, which wants Blacklane to expand its global business. Daimler (or more specifically its Daimler Financial Services business) is very active on the mobility services front at the moment.

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China Standards for Smart Driving On The Way

China is about to unfold its road map for intelligent connected vehicle development, in the expectation of regulating and standardizing the burgeoning sector, and helping local car makers and related companies head forward speedily. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to release an intelligent connected vehicle technology development guidelines next month, a leading official from the minstry said

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