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New Delhi to host India’s 2nd Intelligent Transportation System Summit

2nd Intelligent Transportation System ITS India Summit 2017 urban mobility smart city

Game Changer for Smart Mobility India is now rapidly moving towards opting for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to counter the problem of traffic owing to the exorbitant population and easy access of privately owned vehicles. Though not a new concept to the world of transportation, but Intelligent Transportation System will provide a perfect solution related to different modes of traffic

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Bosch Sees Growth in its Urban Mobility and Smart Cities Solutions

Bosch is Geared for Growth in sustainable Urban Mobility and Smart Cities Solutions

Bosch Mobility Experience 2017 Technological solutions for better quality of life in cities. Bosch vision for urban mobility: zero emissions, zero stress, zero accidents. Already 14 beacon smart-city projects worldwide. Bosch Mobility Solutions growing three times faster than the market in 2017.   Boxberg, Germany – Bosch is becoming a provider of urban mobility services for conurbations. In the future,

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