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Daimler’s Car-sharing car2go 2016 Data at a Glance

In financial year 2016, Daimler’s wholly owned subsidiary – a free floating, one-way car-sharing car2go Group, had an increase of membership by 43-percent to 2.2 million global members.   Global 2.2 million worldwide in total membership for the year 2016. 14,000 vehicles of Smart and Mercedes Benz models makes up car2go car-sharing fleet. Including 1,300 Pure Electric Vehicle in car2go fleet. car2go

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Self-Driving Scooter for the Elderly and Mobility Impaired

The quest to develop driverless vehicles that will transport people autonomously have led to interesting spin-off projects as researchers in Singapore developed a self-driving mobility scooter that drives pedestrians along narrow pathways. Who will benefit most from this driverless technology? The elderly and the mobility impaired. The one-seater four wheel scooter that weighs about 50 kg travels at a top speed of

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Electric Urban Vehicles Start-up Constructs 5 Billion Yuan Plant in Eastern China

Chehejia, a Beijing-based startup, invest 5 billion yuan electric vehicle assembly plant in the eastern China to produce 200,000 Electric microcars and electric compact cars before end 2017. With investment of 5 billion yuan ($753 million), the factory is due to start production before the end of 2017. The plant will have capacity to build 200,000 EVs, according to the

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