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Malaysia Paves Way for Corporates to Start Ride-sharing Services

proton Iriz cash rebate uber ride hailing BR1M subsidy drive for Uber

The Malaysian government is providing a swathe of incentives to encourage more people to drive for ride-sharing services, effectively backing what remains, technically, an illegal activity by law. As the Malaysian prime minister tabled Budget 2017 in end-October, one thing became clear: ride-sharing is here to stay in the nation. The question now is whether big local corporates will take the government’s

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Startup That is Disrupting the Coach Industry

Zeelo is making coach travel more direct by intelligently pooling travellers and matching them with a flexible coach network of over 20,000 vehicles. LONDON, November 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Zeelo, a well backed tech startup, has chosen Bristol as its launch city. Dubbed the “disruptor the coach industry needs”, Zeelo will initially focus its launch in Bristol running 15 direct routes across the UK including Heathrow, Gatwick, Leeds and Liverpool. The company is

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China’s Mobility & Electric Vehicle Companies Investment Landscape

There has been tremendous financial support flowing into the China innovation scene, especially the rising mobility economy. Gao Feng is helping to shepherd the ideas, help build a disruptive business model  and execute the disruption to fruition. In August, the ride-hailing scene turned on its head. China’s homegrown player, Didi Chuxing, had humbled global giant Uber and won the battle

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Riding Pink: Women-Only Ride-Sharing Service In Malaysia

Since ride-sharing took the world by storm years ago, the issue of safety has been a critical point of debate. In essence, both driver and passenger are vulnerable to malicious intent from each other, but the risk is arguably skewed to being higher for the passenger side. Read Livemint Opinion – Gender Sustainable Transport Urban Planning This is especially true for

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Malaysia’s Doctor2U App Launches Medication Delivery Service

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 (Bernama) — Malaysian healthcare technology platform, Doctor2u, together with BP Healthcare Group and Lovy Pharmacy have launched a medication delivery service, first of its kind in Malaysia. Under the partnership, customers are now able to place orders for prescribed medications and have it delivered to their doorstep via the Doctor2U application (app). “We want to provide

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Arro Wins Contract for a Citywide Taxicab Ride-Hailing App

ARRO ride-hailing app provides a Convenient, Affordable and Safe Way to Hire and Pay For a Ride HOUSTON, Oct. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The City of Houston has finalized its contract with Arro, the highly rated e-hail app that successfully launched in New York City last year, making it the universal transportation app for Houston’s for-hire vehicles. Arro, a New

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Bike-Sharing App Plans for Expansion via Crowdfunding

Bike-sharing company Cycle.land has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign as it gears up to expand in five UK cities. The social marketplace is hoping to raise a minimum investment of £100,000 through Seedrs in return for a 6 per cent equity stake, and has already exceeded 60 per cent of its target. Cycle.land’s platform allows UK members and international travellers

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Snapp Ride-Sharing App in Iran Secures Financing

The Iran Internet Group has secured a €20 million Series A round of financing for its ride sharing application Snapp. The South African mobile phone company MTN led the round. €20 million is among the second largest investments in Iran’s nascent startup ecosystem this year. In March Swedish based investment firm Pomegranate invested €60 million in Sarava, an Iranian investment firm

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Israeli Startup’s Radar System Enable Drone Flight Beyond Visual LOS

Arbe Robotics, based in Tel Aviv, has built an ultra-low C-SWAP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power) full 360 degrees radar system that combines hardware and software to allow autonomous drones to detect and avoid objects up to 1km away, up from 150 metres in the first iteration of its product. “The main advantage of radar is that radar sees everything,”

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