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General Motors acquires OSVehicle to build EDIT

General Motors acquires OSVehicle to build EDIT modular self-driving electric car white-label

a new modular self-driving electric car, in white-label. Today, OSVehicle is announcing its acquisition by General Motors Company. In March last year, GM already bought another Y Combinator backed company Cruise Automation to focus on long-term key technologies such as autonomous driving technology and vehicle safety. GM will now utilize OSVehicle’s open source hardware expertise to develop EDIT, a self-driving car,

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3,700 Furious Nissan Leaf Buyers Now Opts Tesla Model 3

Earlier this month a Group of potential Nissan Leaf buyers  expressed their interest to Nissan Canada in hope to bring the price down to $20,000 CAD. Since then, the number of people who signed up for the group buy increased to 3,700, but in an unbelievable turn of event, Nissan Canada’s president shuts down the effort, making the potential customers furious. The

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Tesla Model 3 to reportedly get its steel from South Korea’s POSCO

South Korea’s POSCO, one of the biggest steel-making company in the world, has reportedly signed an important memorandum of understanding (MOU) to supply Tesla’s Model 3 program with steel for the upcoming vehicle’s A pillars, which support both sides of the front windshield. and potentially more parts to come. While Tesla’s two current vehicles, the Model S and Model X,

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