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General Motors acquires OSVehicle to build EDIT

General Motors acquires OSVehicle to build EDIT modular self-driving electric car white-label

a new modular self-driving electric car, in white-label. Today, OSVehicle is announcing its acquisition by General Motors Company. In March last year, GM already bought another Y Combinator backed company Cruise Automation to focus on long-term key technologies such as autonomous driving technology and vehicle safety. GM will now utilize OSVehicle’s open source hardware expertise to develop EDIT, a self-driving car,

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Tesla Model 3 to reportedly get its steel from South Korea’s POSCO

South Korea’s POSCO, one of the biggest steel-making company in the world, has reportedly signed an important memorandum of understanding (MOU) to supply Tesla’s Model 3 program with steel for the upcoming vehicle’s A pillars, which support both sides of the front windshield. and potentially more parts to come. While Tesla’s two current vehicles, the Model S and Model X,

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