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Transit Oriented Development: Building Sustainable Communities in America

Transit Oriented Development Building Sustainable urban mobility and Communities in America

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is compact, mixed-use development near transit where people can easily access jobs and services. When implemented well, TOD offers a diverse mix of amenities and housing choices and provides a safe, attractive environment for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists. By focusing commercial and residential development near transit hubs, TOD can help boost transit ridership and promote

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Why Malaysia Urban Mobility Focuses on Public Transport, not Electric Vehicles

Malaysia urban mobility approach focus on Transit Oriented Development by Prasarana

Incentives for electric vehicles and subsidies for green technology companies define many countries’ pursuit of reduced urban traffic congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions. But Malaysia is taking a different tack — it wants urban commuters to live closer to the land public transport (LPT) network instead. The agenda is to get 80% of the nation’s urban population to dwell

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