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Tumpang Exits Ride-sharing, becomes Platform Provider

Tumpang, Malaysia’s first flat-rate ride-sharing service, is no longer on the roads. It is now providing on-demand solutions to start-ups and businesses using its existing tech infrastructure. Tumpang was originally started as a flat-rate ride-sharing service, charging RM5 per short trip within a 3km radius around train stations. The objective was to provide first-mile and last-mile connectivity via existing taxis

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Malaysia Paves Way for Corporates to Start Ride-sharing Services

proton Iriz cash rebate uber ride hailing BR1M subsidy drive for Uber

The Malaysian government is providing a swathe of incentives to encourage more people to drive for ride-sharing services, effectively backing what remains, technically, an illegal activity by law. As the Malaysian prime minister tabled Budget 2017 in end-October, one thing became clear: ride-sharing is here to stay in the nation. The question now is whether big local corporates will take the government’s

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