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Uber Introduce New Rider App

The new Uber Rider App has been rebuilt a faster, smarter rider app completely from the ground up. Gone are the days when everyone’s app looks the same. The new Uber experience is reimagined around a simple question—“Where to?”.  After all, you use Uber to get somewhere—or to someone. And by starting with your destination, the new app can tailor the

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Courier Bicycles to Deliver Food in Tokyo

TOKYO—Uber Technologies Inc. plans to launch its food-delivery business in Japan on Thursday, preparing for a gradual rollout across a country where its main ride-hailing business is barred. Uber is introducing the service, dubbed UberEats, in Tokyo, a city where good restaurants are plentiful but their food isn’t always available for delivery. Tokyo is the 34th city UberEats has entered.

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