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BMW presents “VISION NEXT 100” in a 360 Interactive Virtual Reality

BMW is using Google Spotlight Stories technology for an innovative way of storytelling, creating a 360° interactive virtual reality brand experience that is broadcasted via YouTube. “Visionary” offers a unique, immersive experience of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 – the concept study developed for BMW’s centenary in 2016 Munich. As the first automotive brand worldwide, BMW is using Google Spotlight Stories

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NBC Presents Interesting Facts About Rio Olympics Viewership

Traditional TV ratings for the Rio Olympics fell from four years ago, particularly among young viewers. But NBCUniversal, a unit of Comcast Corp., has maintained those ratings only tell part of the story, since this year’s event also aired on cable networks in primetime and all content was available to stream live. According to NBCU: Nearly 50 million viewers streamed 3.4

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Mercedes Defines Success not as Merely Having Money

Mercedes recently launched an advertisement/film supporting its new C-Class Cabriolet that is layered with messages, yet a word is never spoken. It’s a commentary on what it takes to live a successful life, yet makes no actual comments. It suggests that Mercedes drivers have something powerful in common, yet nothing is ever said. It’s a beautifully executed spot and with

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