UBERGreen Brings BMW & Nissan Electric Cars To South Africa

In Johannesburg, Uber has set up a new agreement with BMW and Nissan regarding EVs, coined UberGREEN. Electric vehicles have been preferred by Uber drivers as of late, and other companies are offering supporting programs as well, since the cost per mile to run the cars is less. This means that the driver’s pay is better because Uber pays on a per mile basis.

With the new partnership, environmentally conscious users are able to assure that their transport car is electric. Not only can they feel confident that their choice is better for the environment, but also, their money is going further to guarantee better pay to the driver.

The cars specific to the current plan are the Nissan LEAF and the BMW i3. Although there is no mention of other cars from the companies or additional companies being excluded in the future, if the program continues.

For the time being, Uber will run this as a short six week pilot project to promote their drivers and South African citizens to acquire electric cars, and/or to draw low emission car owners to consider working at Uber. The choices will be available via the usual Uber app and will be set at Uber’s lowest rates (X rate).

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