Electric Vehicle

Taxi Drivers choose Nissan LEAF in Italy

August 16, 2017

Seventy new licenses have been assigned for electric taxis in Florence – 96% of them for Nissan LEAF FLORENCE, Italy – With more zero emission cars on the road, Florence is shaping up to be one of the most advanced Smart Cities in Italy. Last year, the municipality of Florence called a tender notice that involved 70 new electric taxi [Read more...]

Malaysia Backs Down on Tesla Deal

July 12, 2017

Here’s what (we think) we know   Less than 18 months after the Malaysian government announced that it wants to waive import duties on 100 Tesla electric cars in effort to promote electric vehicles (EVs), the project is now on hold, sources say. At last count, only 16 Teslas had been brought in by Greentech Malaysia thus far, people [Read more...]

Tesla’s Quarter Two Sales Stalls in Hong Kong

July 10, 2017

Government withdraws electric vehicle tax break No more electric vehicle tax break, which started in April had a dramatic effect on sales of Tesla cars in the city of Hong Kong, according to Business Insider. How Many Units Sold? The WSJ reported a sales surge just before the April 1 rule change, with 2,939 Tesla vehicles registered in March and [Read more...]

Electric Taxis coming to Langkawi

June 14, 2017

Going Green Langkawi, a popular tourist destination off Malaysia’s northwest coast, is set to welcome a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) as taxis on its roads with the first electric taxi expected to begin rolling by year-end. Sources familiar with the matter says the fleet is expected to number around 40 EVs, which will be operated by local [Read more...]