Electric Taxis coming to Langkawi

June 14, 2017

Going Green Langkawi, a popular tourist destination off Malaysia’s northwest coast, is set to welcome a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) as taxis on its roads with the first electric taxi expected to begin rolling by year-end. Sources familiar with the matter says the fleet is expected to number around 40 EVs, which will be operated by local [Read more...]

How Taiwan Is Pushing for Sustainable Urban Mobility

June 8, 2017

As the fifth largest economy in Asia, Taiwan is also among the continent’s biggest polluters — it is ranked 20th in terms of carbon emissions per capita in 2015 globally and third in Asia behind Brunei and the Republic of Korea. Thus Taiwan has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from the business-as-usual level by 2030 [Read more...]

Philippines Fast-tracks Sustainable Urban Transportation

May 30, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte has put reducing the congestion and improving the Philippines’ public transportation system as among his administration’s priorities. Getting on the Fast Track In a nutshell, the plan is to seek temporary emergency powers to consolidate traffic authority over urban Manila under a single entity and to bypass [Read more...]

COMOS Rolls Out Electric Car Rental Program in Klang Valley

May 22, 2017

As the Electric Vehicle Association Philippines (EVAP) prepares to host the inaugural ASEAN Electric Vehicle Summit in Manila next month, its Malaysian counterpart is also preparing to present a status update on Malaysia’s electric vehicle (EV) industry. One interesting local development ahead of the summit is from Cohesive Mobility Solution [Read more...]

Earth Week 2017: Let’s Go Green Commuting

April 18, 2017

Earth week is here again. This year’s April 22, which marks Earth Day worldwide, is a bit more significant — it also marks one year since the Paris Climate Change Agreement opened for signature on the same date last year. Over 130 countries signed the agreement including Malaysia. The agreement, which takes effect in 2020, sets out a [Read more...]

Can Malaysia Achieve Emissions Cut Target with EEVs?

April 10, 2017

Personal vehicle ownership — cars account for about 59% of the overall CO2 emission from transportation. Malaysia wants all new vehicles entering the domestic market to be energy-efficient vehicles (EEVs) by 2025. According to the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), this would ensure lower fossil fuel consumption and consequently lower [Read more...]

Why Women Safety in Ride-sharing Matters

March 27, 2017

Last week, Malaysians pondered a question: is a Muslim female takes a ride-sharing service with a male driver, does that constitute khalwat? Khalwat means close proximity between a male and female who are not forbidden by blood ties from marrying. Such situations are forbidden and are often the subject of enforcement raids by Malaysian religious [Read more...]

Malaysian Ride-Sharing May be More than Uber and Grab

March 23, 2017

Two weeks ago, the Malaysian ride-hailing and ride-sharing scene seemed on the verge of a milestone as Uber and the umbrella body of local taxis agreed to join forces. But that alliance has since been put on hold amid fierce opposition by some taxi drivers. Protests against ride-hailing services have continued, the latest coming outside the [Read more...]