Asia Central Banks 2015-16 Trimming Rate

JULY 2016

> Malaysia surprises with 1st rate cut in 7 years  


  JUNE 2016

> Taiwan cuts rates for 4th time to revive economy 

> Philippines gets key rate steady at 3.0 pct      

> Thailand keeps key rate unchanged, as expected   

> Indonesia surprises with 4th rate cut this year  

> Japan keeps policy steady, cuts price view       

> Bank of Korea cuts interest rates to record low  

> NZ holds off on rate cut as housing prices soar  

> Australia cenbank stands pat, sets neutral tone  


  MAY 2016

> Indonesia hold rates, cuts 2016 growth forecast  

> Malaysia holds rates as consumption to pick up    

> BOK holds policy for 11th month, June cut seen   

> Philippines hold rates, sees good growth ahead   

> Thailand holds key rate, sees higher growth risks

> Australia cuts Rates to head off deflation risk  


  APRIL 2016

> Japan holds off on expanding monetary stimulus   

> RBNZ hold cash rate, retains easing bias         

> Malaysia taps Zeti deputy as new chief    

> Indonesia hold rates, prepares for new benchmark 

> Bank of Korea holds rates for 10th month         

> Singapore eases unexpectedly as growth stalls    

> India cuts rates to lowest since 2011            

> Australia central bank holds rates at 2 pct      


  MARCH 2016

> Taiwan cuts policy rate, sees growth pickup      

> Thailand holds rate, cuts 2016 growth forecast   

> Philippines holds rates, trims inflation f’casts 

> Indonesia cuts key rate for 3rd time this year   

> BOJ stands pat, warns about weak inflation views 

> Bank of Korea holds rates for 9th mth in March   

> New Zealand central bank surprises with rate cut 

> Malaysia holds key rate at 3.25 pct, as expected 

> Australia bucks global easing trend, holds rates 



> S.Lanka hikes rates unexpectedly on inflation risk

> Indonesia lowers key rate again            

> Bank of Korea holds rates for 8th month          

> Philippine keeps powder dry as growth solid

> India rates on hold, budget key to more easing   

> Aust. sits tight, gives nod to global risk


  JANUARY 2016 

> BOJ stuns markets with negative interest surprise

> New Zealand holds rates, opens door to more cuts 

> Malaysia holds benchmark rate, cuts reserve ratio

> Bangladesh cuts policy rates 50 basis points     

> Indonesia cuts key rate to aid weak economy      

> Bank of Korea holds rates, signals no cut soon   



> BOJ keeps base money target, no change to rates  

> Hong Kong cbank raises rates after Fed           

> Indonesia hold rates, but sees wider easing room 

> Taiwan unexpectedly cuts interest rates again    

> Philippine leaves rates unchanged         

> Thailand leaves rates steady, sees higher growth 

> Bank of Korea holds rates, warns on debt         

> India holds rates, sees more ‘accommodation’ room

> Australia RBA holds rates as exports lift economy



> BOJ holds rates as Japan slips into recession    

> Indonesia holds rates, cuts a reserve requirement

> Philippines hold rates, trims inflation forecasts

> Bank of Korea holds rates, resists calls for cut 

> Malaysia hold rates, flags risks to growth       

> Australia RBA holds rates, puts easing on table  

> Thai holds fire on rates after stimulus   


  OCTOBER 2015

> China cuts rates again as growth engine stalls   

> Indonesia hold rates, sees reduced pressures     

> Bank of Korea stands pat, cautiously upbeat      

> Australia central bank holds rates steady     



> India cuts policy rate by 50 basis points     

> Philippines holds rates, inflation below goal  

> Taiwan cuts rates to stimulate demand  

> Indonesia hold rates, braces for Fed   

> Thailand holds rates, stimulus to help growth 

> BOJ stands pat, sees strain from emerging mkts

> S.Korea holds rates as economy recovers       

> New Zealand cuts rates, flags more easing     

> Australia central bank keeps rates steady     


  AUGUST 2015

> Philippine keeps rates steady          

> South Korea keeps interest rates steady       

> Thailand holds key rate, see growth fcast cut 

> India holds rates, door open for more easing  

> Australia’s central bank holds rates          


  JULY 2015

> Sri Lanka holds rates at record lows          

> NZ central bank cuts rates, sees more easing  

> BOJ cuts growth forecast, gov stays optimistic

> S.Korea cuts growth prospects, hold rates     

> Australia RBA holds rates, angles for lower A$

> Indonesia holds rate again, inflation a risk  


  JUNE 2015

> China cenbank cuts again as economy cools     

> Taiwan holds rate despite export weakness     

> Philippines cenbank holds rates steady        

> Indonesia, lacking options, holds key rate    

> S.Korea cuts rates to help MERS-hit economy   

> New Zealand cuts rates for 1st time in 4 years

> Thailand holds rate, forecasts economy gains  

> India cuts rates for third time this year     

> Australia’s RBA holds rates, guarded on outlook

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