MERCEDES Opens Virtual Reality Showroom in Central Tokyo

Potential car buyers visiting a Tokyo showroom for Mercedes-Benz may be surprised to discover there are no tires to kick and no leather interiors with the familiar “new car” smell: In fact, there isn’t a German luxury car in sight.

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co. opened the doors to its virtual reality showroom on July 13 at Daikanyama Tsutaya Books in Shibuya Ward.

It is difficult for car dealers to open spacious showrooms which display cars in central Tokyo because of space is at a premium. So Mercedes-Benz Japan came up with a showroom in a small space that uses virtual reality technology to showcase its latest models. Customers are able to check out car interiors and exteriors via virtual reality headsets.

The headsets are located in the showroom lounge adjacent to an area selling books. Mercedes-Benz staff members are present to assist customers.

Mercedes-Benz demo cars are on hand in the bookstore parking lot for customers wanting to take a test drive.

Mercedes-Benz Japan teamed up with Culture Convenience Club (CCC) Co., the operator of Tsutaya book shops and video rental chain, to issue an original Mercedes-themed T Card with which cardholders can earn T Points. Individuals who purchase a Mercedes-Benz at an official retailer will earn 1,000 points on their T Card.

“At a time when young people are increasingly avoiding buying and owning cars, we have high expectations for our collaboration with CCC which is well-versed in the lifestyle of car ownership,” said Kintaro Ueno, Mercedes-Benz Japan president.

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