Tesla Model 3 to reportedly get its steel from South Korea’s POSCO

South Korea’s POSCO, one of the biggest steel-making company in the world, has reportedly signed an important memorandum of understanding (MOU) to supply Tesla’s Model 3 program with steel for the upcoming vehicle’s A pillars, which support both sides of the front windshield. and potentially more parts to come.

While Tesla’s two current vehicles, the Model S and Model X, are both primarily made of aluminum, the automaker confirmed that the Model 3’s body will have more steel in order to cut cost and achieve margins on the $35,000 vehicle.

The reports come from the Korea Business magazine (Paywall) and cites sources within Korea’s auto and steel business claiming that an agreement was signed earlier this month between Tesla and POSCO.

For Tesla enthusiasts and Model 3 reservations holders, it offers some insights into the level of steel versus aluminum present in the Model 3. Admittedly, information is still scarce at this stage.

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