Daimler, VW, BMW: Car Companies & Start-ups

By pressing a button, the glass opaque and screen

In a button the car window turns dark, the next moment it is again transparent. The technology of Gauzy sounds simple – but behind it an enormous computing power. The discs have a special coating to which a particular pattern is as loaded onto a screen. “We have tried to write a book on a toothpick”, co-founder and CEO Eyal Peso describes the business idea in one sentence.

Gauzy is one of 23 young companies that presented on Thursday in Fellbach car manufacturer Daimler. Requires the small company from Israel is no longer: The start-up has been working together with Daimler, its technology is to be installed in a few years in the luxury sedans of Stuttgart. Nevertheless Gauzy assumes the project “Startup highway” part, which Daimler has launched. “It’s a great stage,” says Peso. For this he is planning to establish its own sub-brand for electric cars. Half a dozen e-models to keep new and old competitors such as Tesla and BMW at bay.

Ten startups with ideas for the automotive technology – including Gauzy – were selected on Thursday to develop their ideas with the help of Daimler and introduce investors in a few months. Also on board are the start-up conveyor and funder Plug & amp; . Play from the Silicon Valley, the University of Stuttgart and the Think Tank Arena in 2036, provide the premises available

The idea to make the potential of startups advantage is not entirely new: Many corporations in various industries have launched or established so-called incubators to promote small companies with fresh ideas venture capital funds. So BMW has founded next to his venture capital company a year ago a “Startup Garage” to facilitate collaboration with small companies. Under the program relevant prototypes in collaboration with BMW engineers for the Bavarian carmaker developed.

Even Volkswagen will now close contact to start-ups on. At events, together with the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems, for example, meet Group Responsible to founder. The Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche has recently launched a Digital GmbH to life, who wants to participate in start-ups.

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