Lilly Airways is a Boeing 737 Transformed into a Restaurant

Wealthy businessman Li Liang recently unveiled an unusual new restaurant in Wuhan, China. The location? Inside the cabin of a used Boeing 737 aircraft. The plane originally came from Indonesian airline Batavia Air in 2015, but it took six months of custom procedures in order to even enter the country. After being disassembled and reassembled eight times during shipping, it’s reached its final location on one of Wuhan’s busiest streets.


Lilly Airways is more than just a restaurant – it also contains a flight simulator in the cockpit for patrons, as well as airplane-themed rides outside the restaurant to keep guests’ children entertained. While it appears the cabin is still under construction, the existing photos of the building are still awe-inspiring.


All told, it cost a whopping 35 million yuan ($5.28 million) to purchase the aging aircraft. On top of that, Liang reports paying over 3 million yuan (452,325) simply for the cost of freight, lifting, and tariff fees making it one of the world’s most expensive restaurants. – Inhabitat



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