Dealerships can be ‘PokeStops’ For Millennial Gamers in Malaysia

Just over a month after it’s official launch, Pokemon Go has, as of this morning (Saturday), arrived in Southeast Asia.

A smash-hit title from Niantic and Nintendo , Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) game that used Geo-location to allow players to use their smartphones to capture virtual Pokemon in real-life locations.

The roll-out covers a total of 14 markets in Asia and Oceania including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

The game has so far been downloaded over a hundred million times and each day players spend around $10 million a day on virtual item like Poke Balls.

Selected Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the Globe are making the most of the Pokemon Go craze by using the mobile app to draw players to its dealerships.

The German manufacturer has distributed a detailed manual to certain showrooms instructing them on how to use the game’s “lure modules” to attract gamers to PokeStops nearby Mercedes dealers. A lure module is only active for 30 minutes but helps spawn numerous Pokemon near its location.

Today is a day of celebration for gamers who have waited weeks to play Pokemon Go. In the words Khairul Sufiyan, a Singaporean Pokemon Go fanatic that once took a boat to Indonesia in the hopes of playing the game there, “finally, my time has come.” – Forbes

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