5 Companies Building an Autonomous Electric Bus

With 1.2 billion vehicles driving on the world’s roads today, the automotive technology space holds a great deal of promise for investors. Technologies such as connected vehicles and driverless trucks are attracting the attention of investors while Elon Musk continues to push us in the direction of a world full of autonomous vehicles. In a recent article we wrote about the idea of a driverless taxi which is something every big auto company is working on at the moment, not to mention the likes of Uber and Tesla. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there are much more feasible autonomous driving concepts in the works such as the driverless electric bus. The smart folks at CB Insights have put together a list of 5 companies that are working on building an autonomous electric bus which can operate in mostly controlled environments:


The first thing we see when looking at the above list is that the idea seems to be relatively new, with every one of these companies receiving their first round of funding no more than two years ago. This helps explain why none of these companies have taken in additional funding that will be able to commercialize an autonomous electric bus.

We’re likely to see this technology applied in “autonomous shuttles” that navigate on fixed routes within controlled environments such as in an airport. For a closer look at 5 companies looking to make the autonomous electric bus a reality, click here…

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