Fuel Economy Tops Priority List for Women

Female car buyers looks for fuel economy as top priority in their car purchase followed by price, based on a survey.

My Car Check surveyed 190 women, all of whom were recent customers of the vehicle history check service.

Here’s what was found:

  • Females listed sales price and fuel efficiency as their top priorities
  • Males said sale price was their top priority, followed by look and style
  • When it came to buying a car, female respondents said they felt least comfortable when physically inspecting the vehicle and men when negotiating the price
  • 8% of female drivers described themselves as “good” drivers compared to 60.7% of male respondents.
  • While 47.8% of women said they were “competent” compared to 36.1% of men
  • And when asked which driving situations they dislike most, the top answer for both men and women was one way streets, followed by roundabouts.

Full article at BehindtheWheel

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